Wall and Associates review

Wall and Associates review

Wall and Associates



  • Quick response to web request


  • Terrible reviews on BBB!
  • Face to face consult requirement

I submitted a form on the Wall and Associates website that said “Schedule a Consultation”. About an hour later, I received a call from a young lady who said she was a “Tax Consultant”. The first question she asked me was “Can I verify your area code?” which I thought was a bit odd.

She then asked me some questions; more than Omni but not as many as Optima. Basically, what my tax issue was, and my income and assets.

The call took about 15 minutes and when I asked her for a quote, she said “Oh, I can’t give that to you. I’m going to schedule you a face to face meeting with someone in our St. Louis office for next week”.

  • Um, I filled out a form to schedule a consultation. A tax consultant called me back. Wouldn’t that be the consult?
  • I really didn’t want to wait a whole week for the appointment. Okay, so I know I ignored the problem for a long time but now that I was ready to face it I wanted to get this going as soon as possible.
  • Why would I have to take the time out of my schedule for a face to face meeting? So far the other companies I called all did telephone consults.

She said that she would send me an email telling me what documents to bring. I never received an email from her. I did receive an email from the man I had an appointment with, but it was just verifying the time.

After doing a little more research on the company, I found out it isn’t really a tax resolution company. It’s a website that generates leads. The site says they have offices all over the country, but what they actually have is little offices in buildings that they rent and share with other companies just to have appointments in.

That weirded me out so much I cancelled the appointment…and I’m glad I did! There is so many bad reviews for them on the Better Business Bureau site that they have a “alert” about the number of complaints!