The Tax Defense Group review

The Tax Defense Group review

The Tax Defense Group


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  • In house tax prep


  • Wanted retainer before quoting me
  • Didn't feel like they cared. At all.

I submitted an online form for a “Free Tax Consultation” and got a call back the same day. Right off the bat, I didn’t have the greatest feeling as the man I spoke to seemed bored and not interested in listening to me. Maybe it’s because it was a Monday lol? And that could be why he kept loudly sipping his coffee in my ear. But I digress…

He asked me the basics; what my issue is, how much I owe, and my income and assets. He said that based on the amount I owed, it sounded like the IRS had done “Substitute Filed Returns” for me. He said that was odd and not a regular practice that the IRS does, but from my understanding of speaking to other companies it is standard practice for unfiled returns. I began to wonder why I was getting so much disparaging information from the different places I called. And I had plenty of time to ponder this, because the gentleman on the phone just kept talking and talking and talking! I’ll sum up the half hour long conversation:

He told me that their plan would be to have a person at their company that is “licensed by the Federal Government” do an investigation with the IRS about my situation. Based on that investigation, they would decide what plan of action they wanted to take to resolve the issue.

He told me that they are different from other tax resolution companies because they “truly care about” me. But again, the tone of his voice made me wonder if he was sincere, or running down the street trying to catch a Pokemon.

He explained they had to take things one step at a time, and the first step would be to pay them a $300 retainer. When he said “retainer” I remembered some confusing things I saw on their website and asked if they were a law firm. He just replied that they are licensed by the Federal Government to do the work. I’m still not sure what that means. He told me they do have “some attorney’s for high end cases”, but that I wouldn’t need one. He said that he thinks Enrolled Agents “know more and are better at negotiating than attorneys”. It struck me as odd; on their site they have a blog titled “Why use/hire a tax attorney?”, but if you click on their Privacy Policy & Legal Disclaimer it says:

The Tax Defense Group is not a law firm and does not represent itself as a law firm.

It also says:

We do not assume tax debt, make monthly payments to the creditors or the taxing authorities, or provide tax, bankruptcy, accounting or legal advice.

If they can’t provide tax, accounting, or legal advice why would I hire them?

I pressed for at least a little more info on what the total fee would be and he wouldn’t commit to anything. While I understand they wanted to do an investigation first, how come all the other places I called quoted me based on the information I provided? What if I paid $300 and then they said they couldn’t help me or their fee would be to high? I didn’t have a good feeling overall and decided not to hire them. Like my mom always told me, “Go with your gut”.