Omni Financial review

Omni Financial review

Omni Financial



  • Flat fee quote


  • Rude
  • Fee didn't include tax prep
  • Mis-information

I found Omni Financial in a google search. When I called I spoke to a “Tax Consultant” who did the consult with me immediately. Honestly, he was sort of jerky off the bat. I remember thinking “Shouldn’t you be nice to someone your trying to convince to hire you?”

I also felt like he was using big words to confuse me. It reminded me of when I went to the mechanic to get my car fixed and they tried to trick me into getting more work done than I needed. Thankfully, my ex-husband was good for one thing…he taught me a ton about working on cars. He was a collector and did all the work on his cars himself. I helped him out a lot in the garage and learned a ton. I was able to tell the mechanic exactly why I didn’t need the services he recommended; the look on his face was priceless!

So the tax consultant continues to talk and talk and talk (the call was 35 minutes long and I couldn’t wait for it to end). All he did was ask me my income, and then he said “One of our options is to do an Offer in Compromise. We can settle for pennies on the dollar. With your income, we can do an offer for $5,400”.

In my research, I had read that it’s really hard to know exactly how much to offer the IRS without doing a complete financial analysis. I asked him about this, and he told me it was a “simple mathematical equation of my finances” to come up with that amount. But he hadn’t even asked me anything about my finances besides how much money a year I make!

He told me that if an Offer in Compromise didn’t work that they could set up a payment plan instead. He then said they could get my Missouri amount owed cut in half. Again, I don’t know how he knew this without asking me more questions.

I asked him for a quote, he said he had to talk to the attorney and would call me back. 5 minutes later he called back and said that the cost would be $3,500. Then he dropped the bomb that they don’t actually do tax returns, so the cost didn’t include that. He said I could hire someone I knew to do them first, or they could recommend someone. So $3,500 was not to completely solve the problem. I had to first pay someone else to do my taxes!

He said that they I would have to pay in full because “That’s the nature of our business”. When I said I didn’t have the money he said I could pay half up front, and half in a couple of weeks. I told him I needed to speak to a family member to see if I could borrow some money.

He emailed me a Representation Agreement and some additional information. He included a “reference list” of people I could call for referrals. I called 3 people. The first two had decent experiences, and the last outright told me not to use them (how did he end up on their referral list?!) and gave me the name of an attorney he used lol.

Omni made 2 follow up calls and sent one follow up email to me.

The cost difference between Omni and Optima, along with the bad feeling left in my mouth, prompted me to make more calls. And I’m glad I avoided them – it seems like they have their fair share of complaints.