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I received the following review from Joseph and Gail, and it broke my heart.

“Hi Deb – Thanks so much for creating this site. I wish I found it earlier…unfortunately my husband and I got screwed over by a company. I didn’t see the company on your review list; I wanted to make sure I spread the word about our experience in hopes we can help someone else.

Joseph and I were running a pretty successful transportation business; between that and his full time job we were doing well. We had one employee – she and I ran the business. About 6 years ago we ended up with a large tax liability for the business. I thought we could handle paying it, but (long story short), we didn’t stay on top of the issue and it snowballed to over $100,000 with penalties and interest within 2 years.

I knew we couldn’t handle tackling the IRS on our own. Our CPA recommended a law firm so we scheduled a telephone consultation with them. They were knowledgeable and helpful – they quoted us $12,500 to take care of the problem. My husband wanted to hire them on the spot, but at the time I thought the price was too high.

I ended up calling Nationwide Tax Solutions when my husband was not home. Looking back, I can see that they basically sweet talked me and told me what I wanted to hear. They then outright asked me if I had called anyone else and what they quoted, so I told them the truth. He said “That’s way too high! We can take care of your IRS problem for $4,000!” I paid him $2,000 right then on a credit card to hire them.

When my husband got home, he sure was upset.

Nationwide Tax took all our financial information and told us that we should just refinance our home and pay the IRS. We did this – we paid $50,000 to the IRS. Well, what Nationwide didn’t tell us was that the $50,000 only covered the penalties and interest, it didn’t decrease our actual liability, we’d have to set a payment plan up for the balance.

They set us up with an installment agreement. This is a monthly payment made to the IRS. They said we could afford to pay $2,750 per month. To me, looking at our books, that seemed unreasonably high.

We were able to keep up with that payment plan for about 2 years, mainly because the business was still doing well. But, because we were paying the IRS so much every month we couldn’t afford basic maintenance on our company vehicles (pretty important for a transportation company!) And we certainly couldn’t afford to buy new vehicles.

The business was bringing in less and less money and we ended up defaulting and stopped making payments. Things were quiet for a while…until the day a Revenue Officer showed up at the business. She was extremely demanding for access to our financial information. I called Nationwide back (he said to call him if anything came up in the future) and explained what was going on. He said he would contact the Revenue Officer on our behalf and take care of getting another payment plan set up. I asked him if he wanted updated financials since we were struggling and he said that wouldn’t be necessary. I thought we were all set.

I waited to hear back from him and didn’t after a couple of weeks. The Revenue Officer was breathing down my neck, so I called him several times. No response.

About 3 weeks later, the HR Department at my husband’s workplace called him into a meeting. They told him that the IRS had levied his wages, and he would only be allowed to bring home about $350 a week. We were stunned. We knew the business was in his name, but didn’t think they could go after his personal wages!

$350 a week for a household of five (now, with a mortgage to pay off) was basically unlivable for us. Nationwide never contacted us back. The stress of the situation began to affect both of us – our relationship was strained and our health was suffering. I felt like we’d never dig ourselves out of this mess; only 7 years ago we had a successful business and a house that was paid off! We had been on our way to retiring and traveling together.

After living like this for about 6 months (if you can call it living), my husband and I decided to call back the original law firm we dealt with.

We explained everything that was going on; they assured us they could help us (and they had heard about the scammers over at Nationwide). I just felt better hiring an actual tax specific law firm (Parent & Parent), their accreditation’s helped to ease my mind that they too might scam us.

I assumed their quote would still be at least $12,500, but when we told them we were dissolving the business they said it would actually be lower as there would be less involved. They looked at our financials said they would try to get an Offer in Compromise set up for us – they felt they could get a very low number for us (apparently Nationwide never told the IRS we had 3 dependants!), and if not, a different *(much lower) payment plan. They also said they would be able to get the levy on my husband’s paycheck removed.

I hung up that call feeling lighter than I had in years.

Good news – they got the levy removed within 3 weeks, got a $3,500 Offer in Compromise approved for us, and set us up so that we wouldn’t have issues moving forward. I got a new job, and we’re saving to pay off the mortgage! It’s not the picture I had in my mind 10 years ago of where I would be today, but a much brighter picture that I had in my mind last year. I’m back to being hopeful for the future.”

I’m so glad they found the help they needed! If you have a review you’d like to submit, email me at