JG Tax Group review

JG Tax Group review

JG Tax Group



  • In house tax prep


  • Incorrect info provided to me
  • Didn't feel like they cared about my issue

I filled out an online request form on the JG Tax Group website and received a call within 2 hours. I spoke with a very friendly gentleman; he was very personable but he did most of the talking so the call felt very “salesy” instead of like he wanted to help me. He only asked me a few questions and I once again had the feeling like I was a woman being talked down to by a mechanic.

He asked me what my situation was. I let him know the unfiled years, the amount owed, and my monthly income. He didn’t ask me about any of my assets or expenses. He then said that I was in luck because of the “Taxpayers Protection Act of 1998”. He said “It’s a huge, complicated document but I’ll sum it up by saying that you can’t get blood from a stone”. Um…okay?

He said they could take care of my issue, but after that I’d “have to be a good Girl Scout” and I’d be fine. I guess he was saying I’d have to make sure I didn’t rack up any other tax debts?

He told me that he could get a “small monthly payment” set up for me. After some of my other calls and own personal research, I knew about the Offer in Compromise so I asked him about that. He said I wouldn’t qualify because I had a steady income (incorrect!)

He also said something that no other company I spoke to had said – that they could take care of my IRS issue, but “The State won’t negotiate with anyone but you. We can do your returns, but then you’ll have to deal with the state issue” (also incorrect).

At this point I was so confused about all of the differing information I was getting from these companies I was considering moving to Canada lol!

He asked me for my personal info such as address, email, etc. When he asked me for my social security number I was a bit taken aback and said I wouldn’t feel comfortable providing that to them unless I hired them.

He emailed me a quote of $3,900. There was also an option of paying $2000 upon signing and $2000 due 30 days after 1st payment.

After I did some digging, I found many stories similar to this one: http://jg-tax-group.pissedconsumer.com/legally-scammed-20151008713023.html

***Update – I did not reply to the email they sent me; I was just too uncomfortable with the company to communicate with them. Today, I received an email from the man I spoke to that said:

I had recently sent you a gentle reminder email requesting you to advise me whether we should keep your IRS resolution file open or not. Although I respectfully requested the courtesy of a reply either way, as of this date I have not received any response from you.

Hello, passive aggressive. Thanks, but no thanks.