Hello, my name is Deb! Welcome to my reviews of various tax relief companies.

In dealing with my tax issue, I not only learned a lot about the IRS and their systems but also learned a lot about Tax Resolution Companies. When I finally resolved to address my tax issue, I called two different companies for consultations. The amounts they quoted me were varied so much that I decided to make a few more calls. Those led me to even more calls because the information I was getting from different companies was actually contradictory!

I think it’s important that I share my experiences to see if I can save even one person from getting screwed over.

My Story

My tax case was a relatively straightforward one (being broke worked in my favor lol). I went through a pretty nasty divorce in 2010, and two bad things happened because of it. First, I didn’t file my taxes the year of my divorce. I was an emotional wreck and simply didn’t want to deal with it. I figured that “next year” I’d take care of it. Unfortunately, it just snowballed and I didn’t file taxes the year after that or the year after that…(fast forward to 2015).

Second, the divorce left me pretty strapped for cash. I decided to change my tax withholding to have the least amount taken out. I now know that? Was a bad idea.

I’ll be honest – the first few letters the IRS sent me I didn’t even read. I didn’t even open them! I actually ripped them up and threw them in the trash. It reminds me of when I used to hide under the covers when I was little when I was scared of the monster in my closet. If I can’t see the problem, it doesn’t exist!

I’m a big believer in the universe making things happen the way they are supposed to (this helped me so much during the divorce!) and I’m thankful the universe had my friend Linda stop by on a random Wednesday night with a bottle of wine.

As we sat at the table with a glass of wine exchanging some good old fashioned girl talk, Linda noticed my latest IRS letter on the table. She knew about me not filing (she had been telling me for years to just take care of the problem), and asked me what the letter said. When I admitted to not reading it (and the prior notices) she gave me a “tough love” talking to. Between that and my liquid courage, I opened the letter.

Now, I knew that I would probably owe the IRS some money. In my mind, it was somewhere around $10,000. Boy, was I wrong.

The letter from the IRS said I owed $45,000.

$45,000. I had another glass of wine after that.

And that was just the IRS! I also knew I owed the state of Missouri (that ended up being an additional $14,000). I couldn’t wrap my head around how my tax debt got so high. Now I know that it wasn’t just taxes, but penalties and interest that added up quickly.

You would think this would cause me to take care of the issue. Not so. I was even more scared and continued to bury my head in the sand for another 3 months.

Well, the universe decided to kick my butt again – this time into action. I had been doing some research online about how to take care of a tax issue (and I learned a lot! Check out my other website www.irsfreshstarttax.com) and came across an article about a new law that passed at the end of 2015. Basically, the law says that if you owe over $50,000 to the IRS they can take your passport away! I knew I was probably only a year away from owing over $50,000.

I have an elderly grandmother in Germany; she flies me out to visit her every year. The thought of not being able to visit her and travel freely terrified me. That’s when I decided to start making calls for consultations. As much as I learned about IRS debt programs, I knew I couldn’t take care of the problem alone.

I hope that my experiences can help you. I have written reviews for every company I called for a consultation.

And? I was so interested in the legal process of taking care of my issue that I’m now taking online classes to become a paralegal! Thanks again, universe. Everything really does happen for a reason.

If you’ve had an experience you want to share, email me at debwidener1972@gmail.com.

**Update 9.5.17 – I had someone email me a review of “Castro & Co. International Tax Attorneys”. He said:

“Don’t bother calling this ‘Firm’ for assistance. In reality, they only have one Attorney on staff, and I was not able to ever get someone commit to me that I would be able to speak to him. It felt very scammy. Thier website is not a fair representation of the services they offer”.